High School Senior Surpasses Athletic Milestone


The Sewanhaka Central High School District recently congratulated Sewanhaka High School senior Carly Bolivar for reaching and surpassing the 1,000-point milestone in girls basketball. Bolivar now sits at 1,001 points after the game on Jan. 29, and was given a basketball to mark this outstanding athletic achievement.

“Carly is one of the hardest working kids that I have ever been lucky enough to coach,” said basketball varsity coach Alex Soupios. “She leads by example and is a catalyst on the floor. When she jumps a passing lane for a steal or explodes to the basket with that quick first step, she seems to ignite the rest of the team. She is humble, never complains and just comes to practice every day to work to get better. She is a role model both on the floor and in the classroom, and I am grateful that I had the chance to coach her these last four seasons.”

Recently, Bolivar answered some questions about her pregame rituals, her basketball inspiration and her plans for college.

Q: What made you interested in basketball in the first place?

A: Watching my older brother play when I was younger made me fall in love with the game.

Q: You currently sit at 1,001 points on the court, which is a huge accomplishment. How do you feel about that milestone?

A: Being able to accomplish such a big milestone like this makes me feel very proud of myself and blessed.

Q: Do you plan to play basketball in college? If so, have you decided which college you’re attending next year?

A: Yes, I will be playing at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).

Q: What is the easiest and hardest part of playing basketball for you?

A: I would say the easiest part is being around my team. I consider them my family and they make the game much more easy and fun. The hardest part would be trying to execute everything efficiently as possible. This comes with making the right pass and just remembering the little things.

Q: How do you prepare for upcoming games? Do you have any special rituals or techniques?

A: Before every game I eat a banana to help reduce cramps. I also play music to get me in the right mind state and I try to block out any negative energy to stay focused at the game.

Q: Are there any professional basketball players that inspire you?

A: I don’t specifically have a professional basketball player that inspires me, but I do admire everyone in the NBA and WNBA because of how hard they work everything to be the best they can possibly be.

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