Informational Meeting On Tiny Town Feb. 27

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On Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 7:30 p.m., the Village Board will hold a public informational meeting regarding proposed renovations to Tiny Town at Village Hall Court Room

Tiny Town, perhaps the heaviest used area in the Recreation Center, is the playground located in the Floral Park Recreation Center behind the Shelter House. The last time Tiny Town was renovated was in the year 2000. Usually playground areas would see upgrades or a new installation within 8-10 years.

Currently, Tiny Town is 18 years old. Due to wear and tear of the equipment, pieces have been replaced, repaired, or removed over the last several years. With the added costs of topping off the current surface “Fibar” wood chips every two to three years, and the loss of the 100-year-old willow tree’s shade, it was time to take a hard look at this popular area.

The Recreation Committee has been working on this project for over a year. They have discussed and researched all areas of concern. ADA compliance, shade, drainage, fencing, picnic area, surfacing and age appropriate structures were looked into in order to accommodate children from ages six months though twelve years. At the information meeting, the plans for the proposed renovations for Tiny Town will be presented by Bob Retenauer, the Landscape Architect from RDA Landscape Architecture, who has been working with the Recreation Committee and Recreation Department to develop the plans for Tiny Town.

Plans for the renovation of Tiny Town are available to be viewed at the Recreation/Pool Building.

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