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SoccerBallThroughout the summer, the Floral Park Recreation Center develops and hosts many activities for the youth in the community.
Recently, Championship Thursday No. 2 saw more than 100 girls and boys competing in semifinals and final rounds of play in volleyball and soccer. In the junior and senior divisions, four teams were crowned as top squads for eight days of exciting play. In the highly competitive junior boys’ soccer championship, New Zealand bested South Africa 3-1.

Winning team members were Matt and Ryan Connolly, Kieran Donovan, Maddox Mega, Jack DiMaggio, Nolan Lally, Sullivan Boyle, Brian Dillon, Connor Smith, Evan Brechtlein and Jayson Espinal. In the senior division Nice won in an overtime shootout over Fenerbache 4-3. Nice team members were Joey Kosakowski, Anthony Rodriguez, Chris Rodriguez, Daniel Loumeu, Mac Boyle, Bobby Sullivan, Vivek Mirchandani, Ryan Brechtlein and Joey Spinner.

In the girls’ junior volleyball championship Serves You Right defeated the Terminators. Winning team members were Grace Lavin, Erin Ring, Katie Troy, Natalie Tsoupros, Emer Price, Aoifa Edwards, Claire Palma and Sofia Beato. Girls’ senior volleyball champions from Team America were Sarah Cheslock, Emma Lawrence, Mary O’Connor, Kate Edwards, Ava Sapano and Fiona Smith. Campers of the Week were Emily Eckert and Andrew Vij.

—Submitted by the Floral Park Recreation Center

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