Bad Dog

A pitbull
A pitbull


While we’re on the topic of responsible ownership of deadly weapons, it’s time to implement stronger restrictions and conditions on owning pit bulls and other types of dogs that can inflict severe and potentially fatal damage on pets and people.
Before you maul me with pit-love, I don’t believe they are inherently vicious animals. There are many sweet and gentle ones that I personally know and love. We all know bad owners make bad dogs and in this particular case, the consequences are unacceptably disastrous. Flip through a few photos of a pit bull attack and it’s immediately apparent that their exceptional strength combined with their relentlessness makes them a remarkably dangerous animal when in the wrong hands.

After reading about the most recent round of incidents, including the death of a 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier at Nickerson Beach and a bloody attack at Cedar Creek, we need to examine whether it is worth allowing the average Joe to walk out of a shelter and into a public dog park with an animal capable of viciously killing your loved ones.
—Paul Connerton

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