Explaining Trump’s Appeal

Donald Trump
Donald Trump


Neither political side nor the media truly understand why Donald Trump is leading and it’s really simple. We the majority of people in the middle are fed up with both parties and the extremist from the far right and left. We are fed up with the broken promises, lies, corruption and a nonworking government that never seem to come together on anything. We are fed up with bad trade deals, illegal immigration, drugs and guns poring over our borders. We understand that people are born gay, so stop telling us that homosexuality is a sin. We are all pro-life but understand that there are times when women have to make a very hard decision that is between herself and the doctor. We also believe it’s not our place to judge people, so if you are truly a conservative let God be the judge on these issues and not you. We understand how bad our educational system is and how much we spend, but we also understand that both parties and not the teachers are the reason for the failure. We also understand that taxes are out of whack, that we can’t afford to pay for everything and that Obama Care isn’t working for us.

We are also fed up with everyone including the press and both parties telling us that Trump is no good. We see a bright successful businessman who can’t be bought with a beautiful family telling us he’ll make America Great again and we the people are saying yes. We elected a movie star once and that turned out okay so now it’s time to elect a successful businessman and not another hand-picked career politician. Stop calling us names for supporting Trump, we are smart middle-class people who play by the rules but have simply had enough.
—Patrick Nicolosi

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