Firefighter Election Results


FireLines_051116_AApril was the beginning of the new year in volunteer fire departments across Long Island.

New department staff chiefs and company officers were elected who bring new ideas and goals to the table. It is only through these individuals who are dedicated enough to accept leadership roles that the volunteer fire service continues. These are the newly elected company officers of the Floral Park Fire Department (FPFD) in 2016:

Hook & Ladder Company #2

Captain Patrick Conway, 1st Lieutenant (and Ex-Captain) John Florio, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant Patricia Luger.

Alert Engine Company #1

Captain Patrick Smith, 1st Lieutenant Justin Hughes, 2nd Lieutenant (and Ex-Captain) Wayne Beers, Jr.

Reliance Engine Company #2

Captain Richard Militello, Jr., 1st Lieutenant Peter Badalucco, Sr., 2nd Lieutenant Kenneth Kelly.

Rescue Company #1

Captain Martin Cook, 1st Lieutenant Carol Ragona, 2nd Lieutenant Marylou Norman.

Active Engine Company #3

Captain John Dreyer, 1st Lieutenant Peter Bilardello, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant Timothy Slavin.

FireLines_050616_422And to the Chief Staff

Chief of Department John Florio, Sr. (H&L Co. #2), 1st Asst. Chief Michael Longobardi (E-1), 2nd Asst. Chief David Maickel (E-2), 3rd Asst. Chief Salvatore Arrigo (R-1), 4th Asst. Chief Patrick McAllister (E-3).

Chief John Florio is a 38-year-member of Hook & Ladder Company #2. He has served in all company line offices twice and previously served on the chief staff from 1992-97. In the 20 years since his first term as chief of department, Florio has remained one of the most dedicated members of the department. He is the only member in the history of the Floral Park Fire Department to serve as chief twice, quite an accomplishment.

The men and women of the FPFD are all extremely motivated individuals. It is a volunteer service organization like no other, coming to the aid of friends and neighbors, literally at a moment’s notice. Probationary fire training, chauffeur training, Emergency Medical Service and a myriad of other specialized training, company meetings and drills account for hundreds of hours annually which these dedicated public servants endeavor in order to provide residents with the professional fire and EMS services Floral Park relies on and deserves.
The department takes this opportunity to congratulate and wish good luck to the FPFD officers and staff new to their positions.

—Submitted by Chief V.J. Brooks of the Floral Park Fire Department

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