Floral Park Becomes Iowa


CBS Eye Productions, once again, returned to Floral Park to film another episode of The Good Wife on Monday, Nov. 9, along Tulip Avenue, spanning from the railroad station to Plainfield Avenue.

Residents and business owners were less inconvenienced than they expected by the film crew take-over, aside from minor traffic rerouting. Municipal lot parking and shopping along the avenue remained unobstructed.

This is the third (or fourth) episode of The Good Wife filmed in Floral Park. One episode was filmed in the courthouse for an earlier season and the most recent filming was the setting for a suburban Illinois town.

This time, Tulip Avenue was depicted as a downtown village in Iowa during a presidential primary, in the show’s current season seven.

“We’ve had a great time here in the past and the facades of these businesses are exactly what we’re looking for,” said Dan Welsh, assistant location manager for The Good Wife. “The village has been amazing and helpful, especially the village clerk.”

Another crew member told the Floral Park Dispatch that there were easily more than 150 cast and crew on- and off-set throughout the day, including all of the show’s main characters.

Floral Park Police officers who were off-set on Tulip Avenue told the Dispatch that everything was as peaceful as usual and that they had not received any complaints related to the filming all day.

A statement from the Village of Floral Park said:

“It is a tribute to Floral Park that, despite the fact that we border the world’s largest city, we are still able to maintain the look and feel of a small town community.

“And there are other benefits to television shows filming in Floral Park as well. Not only is the village paid a film permit fee by the television producers, but they also pay all costs incurred by the village associated with the filming, including extra police coverage and clean up, both before and after the filming, by [public works] staff. Also, many of your neighbors and local businesses earn a fee from the television production.

“So, although there may be some inconvenience involved, overall we believe the benefits significantly outweigh the drawbacks.”

In the past few years, Floral Park has been chosen for the site of several television episodes, including an episode of Elementary and an episode of Person of Interest.

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