Letter: Vote For Williams


I am taking this opportunity to write to your periodical and others regarding the upcoming race for Town of Hempstead Council in District 2. As a district resident, I am surprised at the dearth of coverage, on the workings, or lack thereof, of the Hempstead Town Council. I believe that with additional news coverage residents would be better equipped to push for the much needed changes in District 2 and the Town of Hempstead at large.

Interestingly, the race that is quickly becoming the center of attention is that of Tammie Williams, a social worker, community organizer and special needs activist—who has a proven record and commitment to services for all constituents—versus incumbent Ed Ambrosino, an attorney and 12-year council member. Astute observers have begun to question whether Ambrosino should continue as a council member due to the many hats he wears: in February 2014, Newsday pointed to similar concerns and reported that the NIFA (Nassau Interim Finance Authority) also questioned whether there was an ethical violation resulting from Ambrosino’s many roles.

Williams raises no such concerns for District 2 voters. Williams, project director of Girls P.R.I.D.E., a mentoring and training program for at-risk young women of color in underserved communities, has given herself wholeheartedly to public service. Williams also sits on the board of trustees for the Elmont Memorial Public Library and is the single parent to a son with autism. She has spearheaded community-based programs to meet the needs of children with special needs and their families in Elmont where so few programs for similarly families and children exist.

Many District 2 residents, in contrast, have more urgent quality of life concerns that can no longer be ignored. Unlike Ambrosino, Williams has a shoulder-to-the-wheel approach to community empowerment. She is already doing the kind of work we expect from a town council member, which makes her the clear choice for constituents in District 2.

She certainly has my vote.

—Adrienne Lloyd, Esq.

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