Old Telephone Books Are A Source Of History


Floral Park Village Historian Walter Gosden will present “Old Floral Park Telephone Books: A Source of Local Home History” at the next Floral Park Historical Society’s October meeting. The program will be held on Sunday, Oct. 4, at 2 p.m. at the Floral Park Recreation Center.

With the advent of the internet and cell phones, today’s telephone directories or “books” are not used very much anyone. Telephone books have evolved and the earliest ones have a store of information that is revealing and fascinating. Gosden and the historical society have a number of the old-time directories that were commonly used when communication was facilitated primarily by hard-wired land-based telephones.

This program is free to the public. A limited number of people in attendance will have the chance to look up in the old “books” the personal history of their house located in Floral Park or Bellerose villages. If anyone would like to bring an old telephone to show and tell, please do.

Visit www.floralparkhistorical.org or call Ann Corbett at 516-775-6849 for more information.

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