Letter: Lay Off Trump, People Are Afraid And Fed Up


Those of us who are supporting businessman Donald Trump for president are supporting him for many reasons. We are fed up with politicians who speak, make promises and when elected, do nothing. We are fed up with Congress, Washington, local politicians, state leaders and corruption. We also are fed up with political correctness, because we have a real fear of what can come.

North Korea has a maniac as a leader with a nuke ready to launch. The leaders of Iran are not joking about ending America and Israel. We have drugs, illegal guns, human trafficking, gang members and terrorist cells crossing into our country. The young highly-intelligent Muslim child who built that clock knew exactly what he was doing bringing that device to school and knew the reaction he would receive. The media sided with the child.

I grew up in the ’60s fearing what Russia might do; today I fear a more radical regime that is hell bent on destroying everyone who doesn’t believe in their crusade. I am sure there were peaceful Germans when Hitler was trying to take over the world. I’m sure there were peaceful Japanese who stood by as Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Shouldn’t we reflect on history and learn from the past so as not to recreate an even larger catastrophic event? Freedom of speech shouldn’t be stopped or correct, those people are only speaking out of a real fear. Doesn’t the media share some of the responsibility for our fears? The media can’t have it both ways, it’s either the problems are real or made up. We can’t stand for or elect another weak politician who has been bought by lobbyists.

—Patrick Nicolosi

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