Editorial: The Beginning Of Autumn


Sweet summer is finally over. It’s out with the coconut and in with the pumpkin. While many of you are still sobbing into your beach blankets, it’s time to admit that another summer has come and gone and will—as always—come again. Let’s face it, there’s only four months until January when flip flops and shorts adorn mannequins again, so for now let’s just accept with open arms, another Long Island autumn.

Believe it or not, there are the select few out there—myself included—who enjoy the rain, chilly weather and layers upon layers of clothes. We are the ones who leap out of bed on the first day of September and are eager to get in line for a pumpkin spice coffee, break out the autumnal decorations and spend half of our paycheck at the craft store. We don’t care it it’s 90 degrees outside. We ignore the summer lovers who hang onto the fatal day of Sept. 21, as the official last day of summer and focus on how many apple cinnamon candles we need to stock up on. Earth tone colors, boots, cozy scarves and sweaters. What’s not to like?

Soon enough apples will be ready for picking and pumpkins will be ready for carving. Halloween will be here before we know it, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of the wonderful, familiar things about the holiday season.

So make a list of books to read inside on rainy days, break out the fall baking recipes, ready your stash of tea and curl up with Fido, because autumn is here and it’s ready for you.

So long, summer.

—Jennifer Fauci

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