Letter: Our Guardians: Police and Teachers


Why is there so much recurrent instigated violence on the streets and not recurrent teacher instigated violence in the schools? Our guardians—the police and teachers—are sometimes responsible for this, but, I believe, it is the organization they work for that is the underlying culprit. How the police and educational departments operate throughout the United States account for these disparities.

The first time a teacher implements an assault upon a students, he/she is suspended, immediately. The police, however, do not do that even when there is a history of assaults and violent episodes instigated by an officer. Teachers are not let back into their classrooms, while police are still on the streets. They should be prevented from carrying out their regular duties just like the teachers who are suspended.

Putting our so-called guardians on the sidelines immediately where they can do no harm will make the organizations they work for more accountable to the public. Then investigations can proceed with less backlash and the outcries from the public diminish.

—Elaine Peters

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