Explorers Complete Fire Academy


Prior to the start of the Sept. 1 Village of Floral Park’s board of trustees’ meeting, Mayor Tom Tweedy and Fire Commissioner Kevin Fitzgerald presented Captain Sal Viola and Secretary Joseph Leonardi with a citation recognizing them as Fire Department Explorers who completed the first-time offered ‘Fire Camp’ this summer.  

Fitzgerald said it is very encouraging to see neighbors assisting other neighbors and the fire department is the finest example of this.  

Viola and Leonardi were selected to be part of the Bethpage Fire Academy to teach them the essentials of firefighting and they each gave up a portion of their summer vacations to attend the academy.   

Fitzgerald and Tweedy thanked their parents and members of the Floral Park Fire Department for their encouragement and mentorship and hopes the boys have a long relationship with the Floral Park Volunteer Fire Department.

Tweedy thanked the duo for their hard work and dedication to the fire academy and thanked the boys on behalf of the village.    

—Submitted by the Floral Park Village Hall

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