Letter: Endorsement For Tammie Williams


Lately, it seems each day’s headlines report new investigations into the business dealings of local politicians. It makes us wonder, “Whom can you trust?”

Enter Tammie Williams—master of social work, mentor to countless young women, and single mother of a child with special health and educational needs. Few people match Tammie’s combination of drive, intellect and advocacy, and I am thrilled she has decided to throw her hat into this November’s political ring.

Whether Tammie is speaking out against the redistricting that has carved up our communities, the cuts to social services, or the lack of educational opportunities that have left mothers searching outside their school districts, Tammie Williams is a fierce advocate for the people. She is passionate about making a difference, and her ethics are beyond reproach.

The list of pay-to-play politicians is long, and honest, hard-working taxpayers are left to foot the bill. November is the time for political turnover. This Election Day, let’s score one for the good guys. Please elect Tammie Williams to Hempstead Town Council 2nd District.

—Renée Haber

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