Editorial: The Diminishing Days Of Summer


As we enjoy the precious few days of summer vacation left before the start of the new school year, I find myself wondering why I see the official start of summer as the end of the school year and the unofficial start of fall as the beginning of school. Was the bliss of lazy summer days actually a myth, as year-round activities continued but at an earlier hour?

The frenetic energy of the school year dies down, but the activity is there, just under the surface. Just like any machine, the school year takes time to wind down and go into rest mode. However, the rest is short-lived.

I always thought the unofficial summer season started at Memorial Day, July 4th marked the middle of summer and Labor Day the end.  Technically according to our calendar, the summer season began on Sunday, June 21, and runs through Wednesday, Sept. 23. By the official end of summer this year, we will be working on our fourth week of school.

The long lazy days of summer are perhaps a time lost. Earlier today, I spoke with my neighbor and she shared with me that her stomach is already in knots with the start of the school year and all that has to be done. This sentiment is shared by many parents as they receive correspondence in anticipation of the new school year.

Enjoy the last remnants of peace on earth before the onslaught begins.

—Elizabeth Johnson

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