Local Scout Collects School Supplies


Emily Kightlinger, a Girl Scout in Troop 1127 at Stewart Manor Elementary School, has collected more than 300 items for Astoria Bank’s Annual Kids Tools For School supply drive.

“Every year, thousands of kids are without school supplies; they may feel sad, disappointed, worried, and afraid.” said Kightlinger. “We can really make a difference and change the lives of so many children, just by working together on the school supply drive.”

This is Kightlinger’s fifth year participating in the school supply drive for the bank, through the Girl Scouts of Nassau County’s patch program and each year her final contribution has steadily grown.

“I always feel better when I am prepared and have all my supplies,” said Kightlinger. “I hope we can make other kids feel good about going back to school, too.”

Kightlinger, 9, recently bridged from a Brownie to a Junior Scout and will begin working on her Bronze Award with her Troop this fall. The Troop’s Junior Scouts have selected literacy as their theme and will hold their second annual book drive with the cooperation of the Stewart Manor Carvel store in May 2016.

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