Letter: Careful What You Wish For


Well, be careful what you wish for! After talking to many merchants on Tulip Avenue and dozen of Floral Parkers, the verdict is in. The crosswalk at Lee’s Drugstore on Tulip Avenue is a complete and utter disaster. Let us count the ways.

First, nobody uses it. The shoppers coming out of Levine’s and the Village Market cross at Levine’s and the Village Market. Stand there for 15 minutes, and for every 10 people crossing Tulip Avenue, one person uses the crosswalk while nine people cross at Levine’s and the Village Market.

It’s mind boggling that after all these years, Nassau County puts the crosswalk in the wrong place.

What a waste of time and money.

Secondly, and more important, the motorists don’t know that there is a crosswalk at Iris. Why? With no blinking lights and no signs on the ground (which every crosswalk on the East Coast has) the motorists (while speeding at 40 mph so they don’t catch a red light at Plainfield of Violet) don’t know to slow down and look for pedestrians.

Result, this area is more dangerous now than ever. Floral Parkers, please take care. Unintended consequences can be hazardous to your health.

—Chris Schneider

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