Editorial: Knock, Knock…


Who’s there? Sunday, Aug. 16, is National Tell a Joke Day and that’s no joke. Seriously, what could be better than an entire day filled with laughter? Why limit it to just Sunday though? Tickle that funny bone all weekend; fill it with laughter and smiles.

Jokes come in myriad forms, words, gestures, one-liners, knock-knock jokes, question and answers or even a short stories. Let’s not stop there. Want to make someone laugh? Good-natured gags and pranks garner equal belly-laughter, for the prankster and the “prankee.”

And some say laughter is the cure for all things. It’s a healthy response; it uses abdominal muscles and releases feel-good endorphins into your brain.

Who doesn’t love to laugh? Seriously. Humans love to laugh, love to be entertained through laughter. Making people laugh is a profession and we pay money, good money, for someone to make us laugh and laugh hard.

Laughter is ageless. The simplest gesture or silliest word can incite gut-busting laughter from the youngest of young to the most seasoned and wisest joke tellers and joke receivers.

Celebrate. Tell a joke, listen to a joke. Laugh and laugh often. The more jokes you tell, the more fun you will have—and so will those around you.

—Christy Hinko

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