Editorial: Is The World Going To The Dogs?


Nowadays, it seems as though it is a dogs’ world. With the advent of a new local law permitting dogs at the beach, I wonder what kind of protection humans have against the canine animals. Regardless of whether the animals are leashed, the animals decide when the call of nature beckons on their timetable. The idea of human feet, which are typically barefoot at the beach, walking on terrain that a mascot has recently peed on or perhaps pooped on doesn’t seem sanitary regardless of whether you have picked up after it. Not all feces are easy to pick up and some might be left behind to adhere onto the bottom of a shoe, flip flop or foot.

To complicate matters, many humans are allergic to dogs and now must endure a world that caters to the canine. I am familiar with several individuals who are frightened by dogs because they were attacked by a dog when they were growing up or just uncomfortable around the animals. Not all dogs are friendly.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering legislation to allow dogs in restaurants. As a dog lover and owner, I believe we should treat our dogs humanely. It is ridiculous how much I love to pamper my pooch and give him treats, but when I go out and decide to treat myself to a meal, I prefer to eat in the company of people. Precious pooches belong at home where they can beg mercilessly at your feet for a piece of that porterhouse or the delectable meal you have concocted for your family.

Man’s best friend is an integral part of the family, but when it comes to going to the beach and dining, I strongly suggest that you leave the pooch at home.

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