Legislative Update: Tulip Avenue


We are writing to provide an update on the county’s plans with respect to the repaving of Tulip Avenue and the installation of a crosswalk at Tulip and Iris avenues. We have secured the county’s agreement to install a temporary crosswalk at Iris and Tulip. The Nassau County Department of Public Works has assured us that the crosswalk will be installed within a month.

Nassau DPW also informs us that the full repaving of Tulip Avenue will not take place until the Spring of 2016. At the time of the repaving of Tulip a permanent crosswalk will be installed at Iris and Tulip. The repaving project will be paid with federal funds, and there have been delays in obtained federal approval for funding the project.

In order to improve sightlines for the crosswalk, three parking spaces must be removed on Tulip Avenue. In addition to street markings, there will be “Yield to Pedestrian” signs as well as a pedestrian ramp on the north side of the avenue.

Please note that the county’s traffic engineers have repeatedly emphasized that pedestrians using the crosswalk at Iris must take the exact same precautions they take now. No one should assume that an approaching vehicle is going to stop at the crosswalk notwithstanding the signs and pavement markings.

Even after the crosswalk is installed, the crossings at Violet and Plainfield avenues will remain the safer alternatives for pedestrians, especially seniors and children, since there are traffic signals at those intersections.

We thank Mayor Tom Tweedy and the village board for their assistance in this matter. Mayor Tweedy and the board have been tireless advocates for improving traffic safety along Tulip Avenue.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss the above or regarding any other county issue where we might be of assistance.

Nassau County Legislators,

Vincent T. Muscarella, 8th L.D.

Richard J. Nicolello, 9th L.D.

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