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Floral Park residents who are looking for custom-planted vivarium or terrarium displays are in luck. Vivariums in the Mist is a small Floral Park-based business dedicated to providing these services.

As a sole proprietor of the business, Paul Demas says that the main goal of Vivariums in the Mist is for building a tropical setting for the orange terabillis, poison dart frog, community. Those who may hear the name of the amphibian should fear not. Demas explained that his frogs, which are bred and raised in captivity lose their toxicity as a result of their diet, wingless fruit flies. Solely based on their diet in the wild, these frogs are one of the most poisonous animals; poisonous enough to kill 20 adult men.

Demas’ love for amphibians and reptiles began as a kid when he would camp with his family and try to catch the little creatures. His first job was at a local pet store and he would begin developing and inventing new products, which led to the business. Demas even won awards at the New Reptile Product category at the Global Pet Expo, the biggest pet industry trade show in the U.S.

“It’s like having a little slice of nature in your home,” Demas said of the vivarium displays. “It’s easy to maintain and cost-effective. It’s just a relaxing atmosphere to walk into.”

After writing articles for pet trade magazines, Demas found an overwhelming response from people to build these vivariums for frogs. The article that he credits with uplifting the Vivariums in the Mist movement was an article he wrote in 2012 entitled “The Great Vivarium Build of 2012,” which was printed in the December 2012 edition of Reptiles Magazine.

Demas’ showroom is fully-stocked with vivarium displays on the Floral Park/Queens border. The customized displays make unique gifts for people who may not know about vivariums.

“[Vivariums] also make amazing displays for local offices,” Demas said. Demas said one of the appeals of his vivariums are the water elements that he includes. The units are self-contained, and humidity-controlled, which is necessary for providing the tropical habitat of the animals.

Those looking to purchase an established vivarium, want to discuss designing one, want to check out the showroom displays or need supplies to build your own vivarium can contact Vivariums in the Mist by emailing info@vivariumsinthemist.com or visiting their Facebook, Instagram or website.

—Additional reporting by Christy Hinko

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