Letter: Nassau Needs A Law Enforcer, Not Another Politician


By definition, a district attorney upholds and enforces the laws that are being broken or challenged within her jurisdiction.

She must carry out her duties as the guardian of justice and freedom without any concern whatsoever about stepping on toes, whether it be those of a legislator, judge or influential individual bent on taking advantage of their status for their own benefit.

Independence is the keynote here. Being willing and able to function free of personal or political pressure is tantamount to efficiency, proficiency and even leniency when it is called for. Knowing enough not to try and become the judge and jury, to perform instead as the tough, yet compassionate, prosecutor. That is, in effect, a description of Acting District Attorney Madeline Singas who has been endorsed by her predecessor and mentor, now-elected U.S. Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-Garden City). Singas has the years of experience, in fact, to follow in the celebrated footsteps of previous Nassau County DAs, a proud lineage to match up with.

Providing the opposition on behalf of the GOP is Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray, a career politician handpicked by Republican leaders and a direct antithesis to the promising possibilities posed by Singas, who is not beholden to anyone. The Republicans predictably rubber-stamp Murray “a prohibitive favorite” to beat Singas. Singas may first have to face a Democratic primary opponent in the guise of Michael Scotto. But he must first gather 2,000 petition signatures to get his name on a primary ballot. Thus far, the extent of Scotto’s campaign is an unfounded and misinformed attack on Singas because he has nothing on his own resume’ to brag about. Neither does Murray, of prosecutorial significance anyway. There it is, a professional prosecutor vs. a novice in the field. The choice is quite apparent. The fight against crime in Nassau County does not have to skip a beat with Singas in there.

—Joe Krupinski

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