Editorial: My Father’s Daughter


Father’s Day is coming up on June 21. As I think about the man who is my father, I realize I am my father’s daughter. What exactly does that mean? It’s a tribute to the man who taught me how to live life. My dad was the first person who made me feel important when I had a new little brother who sometimes got all the attention from my mom. He waltzed with me in the kitchen, just goofing around before a concert. At the beach, he convinced me to have the courage to go past the break line to battle and conquer the huge waves that knocked me down. He always made me feel like I was the most important being on earth. He made me feel safe and secure.

My dad had a deep voice, which always scared my friends, but all the kids loved him for his jovial manner. He was respected and loved.

His quick wit and manner helped him become successful in his business dealings both domestically and internationally. He was a man of his word and developed his business by being a man of integrity.

I followed in his footsteps and studied international business, though I never conducted business worldwide like he did. I saw him as a 10-foot-tall man, though, in reality, his stature was that of the average man at 5’8″. To him, I was his princess. His praise for awards I had won meant more to me than the accolades themselves.

This Father’s Day, it’s appropriate to honor fathers. Their presence in a child’s life is a gift to be treasured. A dad’s guidance, support and nurturing is like manna from heaven. So, this Father’s Day, make sure you give your dad an extra special hug to make him feel extra special.

—Elizabeth Johnson

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