Letter: Cameras For Police, Good Idea, Cameras For Elected Officials Even Better


The idea of having body cameras for police officers is not a bad idea. These body cameras will not only protect the police officers from false accusations but it will always protect the public at large from false arrest and tickets. There will be more accountability and transparency, again not a bad idea.

So why haven’t we thought about placing body cameras on elected officials? The idea of accountability and transparency for the people we elect to serve us is what the tax payers need and deserve. Maybe if the elected officials had body cameras there would be no corruption, lower taxes, better deals for the taxpayers and less games.

Imagine if we the people really got to see how government really works. Why shouldn’t we have real transparency in government? Don’t you think it’s time we open that closed door with the three men in room?

Wouldn’t we all like to hear and see what they are talking about? And how about those lobbyist and the money spent to buy votes? Wouldn’t like to see and hear those deals? Why not? Let’s shine a light in those dark closed door meetings and those hidden back room deals.

—Patrick Nicolosi

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