Letter: Ad Nausea


Just days after reading about Acting District Attorney Madeline Singas’ call for strict rules on political mailings, Kate Murray unashamedly airs a commercial giving away free coloring books to our children. We’ve gotten used to commercials that thank Kate Murray for this or for that, but this time the town went too far.

Free coloring books? Our county, state and federal representatives all produce books for our children, but only the Town of Hempstead exploits their power, by blatantly campaigning for higher office by repeating Kate Murray’s name over and over in a commercial. And I’m furious that the town not only raised my taxes this year, but has the audacity to use my money for self-promotional political campaigns.

I implore that Singas’ request, not only apply to the Town of Hempstead, but that it includes the prohibition of commercials that mention a representative’s name on television or radio. It’s an insult to the intelligence of the people and highway robbery of our tax dollars.

—Audrey Ciuffo

Hempstead Town Supervisor recently announced her candidacy for District Attorney.

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