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Harold Kroplick, Town of North Hempstead historian and author of the new local history book North Hempstead, was the guest speaker at the recent Floral Park Historical Society’s (FPHS) annual meeting held at the Floral Park recreation building.

“Everyone attending the presentation by Harold learned interesting facts about the history of Long Island and the Town of North Hempstead,” said Ann Corbett, FPHS president. “Harold, who is a dynamic speaker, talked about the early history of the Town of Hempstead when the inhabitants of the northern part of the Town of Hempstead favored independence from English rule, while the inhabitants of southern part of the town were loyal to the crown.”

Corbett continued, “This difference in opinion led to a split in the Town of Hempstead. Two new towns were created: the Town of Hempstead and the Town of North Hempstead. On maps today the Incorporated Village of Floral Park is located in both towns.”

Before being named Floral Park by John Lewis Childs the community was referred to as the “hamlet” of Hinsdale. The history of Long Island is fascinating and the reason why the FPHS concentrates on hosting history related programs and arranges for tours of historic places.

The FPHS invites anyone interested in joining its members and friends on an upcoming tour of Coe Hall Mansion on Sunday, June 7, at Planting Fields Arboretum. The carpool drivers will leave from the Floral Park Recreation Center parking lot at noon to arrive for a 1:30 p.m. tour.

The FPHS springtime membership (2015-16) drive motto is “Membership is Stewardship.”

Special note: Soon the Floral Park Historical Society’s new Museum & Archives will be opening. The new location is in the oldest commercial building in Floral Park—“The Tyson Building” at 103 South Tyson Ave.      

Visit www.floralparkhistorical@org or call 516-775-6849 to learn more, to sign up for the Coe Hall tour, to join FPHS and to receive the society’s Docent’s Digest newsletter.

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