Letter: Opt Out Of Testing And Maybe Taxes


I like this new idea of OPT out of testing when parents want to protest the governor and common core. They’re teaching the kids a great lesion. If you don’t like something because it might be hard or because you want to send a message: just opt out. That’s not life so it’s a bad lesion to teach. Well I’m sure their are a lot of homeowners who would love to opt out from paying these high school taxes and outrageous pensions. I mean 18 to 25 thousand a month pension for school superintendents seem very difficult for tax payers to understand. Can we opt out from paying school taxes until we understand where our money is going? I would even like to OPT out of State taxes until we get this corruption under control. Maybe they’re on to something with this new OPT out concept. Imagine if we could all just opt out of things we didn’t like with no consequence.

—Patrick Nicolosi

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