Letter: Where’s The News Coverage?


On March 28, thousands of teachers from all over New York State rallied in New York to protest the inequalities of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s expected annual budget. On the days following the rally, there was no coverage of this event in the journalistic media, except for local publications. I was appalled to see that Long Island’s largest circulation newspapers printed no coverage of this event.

Governor Cuomo’s recent reluctance to create a fair budget for New York’s public schools denied our schools the monies they needed in order to educate our children and function at peak levels. This is illegal and immoral; withholding resources delegated to our students as mandated by state law. The fact that he was tying the teacher evaluation process to such funds makes this incident no less abusive.

Our students depend on us to care for their academic and physical needs. Only a fair, appropriate, public education will remain as the fastest path towards democracy and career-ready, competent Americans.

I have canceled my subscriptions to Newsday and The New York Times. I look forward to the day when our newspapers once again, provide fair and newsworthy coverage.

Sharon Stanley

Co-Chapter Leader, American Humanist Association of Long Island

Retired New York City Public School Special Education Teacher

Parent of a Public School Child

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