Editorial: A Marathon Of Champions


Long Island runners will set out on the Long Island Marathon next week. But the 26.2 mile trek is not the story. It’s the people who embark on that journey who tell the tale.

Men and women from all ages and walks of life take up the challenge every year. They need commending because of not only the length of the race, but the preparation behind it.

Most runners start each and every day off with a run, whether it started as a New Year resolution, a plea from family to get healthier or an interest in the sport, which led toward a goal…to keep going.

Think about it. This run almost equals a distance from Anton Media Group’s Mineola office to NYIT’s Central Islip campus (you have to go one mile further past the school to get to 26.2).

Agreeing to do the run makes them a champion. Finishing the run, whether it be a full or half-marathon, makes them a legend.

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