Editorial: So, You Chose Love Over Money


A recent blog post by American journalist Jim Romenesko revealed that being a newspaper reporter was the worst job of 2015. Surprise, surprise.

Romenesko’s daily blog, www.jimromenesko.com went on to include broadcaster, photojournalist, author, public relations executive, publication editor and social media manager as other extremely low ranking jobs. Pretty much everything we in the industry are qualified for.

Apparently, being a reporter is infinitely worse than a job as a lumberjack, corrections officer and taxi driver. I wonder where the people who clean up feces for a living rank. Probably higher than journalists, I bet.

While we journalists, reporters and writers work just as hard as anyone else (yes, it’s a different kind of hard), we seem to get the short end of the stick. Let’s be real, anyone in the medical, financial or business field will most likely never have to worry about paying bills, meeting a rent check or obtaining a home and auto loan (the average salary of someone in this field is about $34,000-$37,000). To be even more honest, we are all in this field because we chose to do what we love over making money at a job we would have been plagued by misery at. So really, we can’t complain.

Day in and day out, journalism gets a bad rap for being a dying field. But people are too busy reading their tablets and Tweeting to forget one important thing: there will always be news to report, books to read and stories to tell.

For me, I would be hardpressed to find a job where I get paid, to not only do what I love, but meet new people and experience new things every day for the rest of my life.

Worst job of 2015? I don’t think so.

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