Letter: Our School Taxes At Work


I had a wish fulfilled, even more fulfilled then I expected. My niece Meg, is the choral director at Mineola High School. She took to music at a young age. Surrounded by amateur musicians in the family, she brightened the way for herself by choosing to teach music upon graduating from the University of Delaware.

Many, many years ago when I looked up at a star one night I wished that Megan would return to Long Island after college and become a music teacher so I could go to all of her plays and concerts. I saw most of her plays during her high school years, but her true talent for singing and conducting choirs had not shown up yet. She usually played the old woman in the wheelchair during high school, and since her grandmother was almost at that stage in her life, she got a big kick out of Megan’s roles.

Meg was one of three guest conductors at the 54th District Music Festival at Sewanhaka High School in Floral Park. The concert was fantastic, and the music was so beautiful that I could not believe these were only the best high school students on stage. They sounded professional. The music from the chorus, the  orchestra and the band was pure magic. This concert was so good I wanted encores and actually felt OK about paying my school taxes.

The extra part of my wish fulfilled Sewanhaka is my Alma Matre (class of 1970) and Meg’s parents also (class of 1967) so this night was very special.  

Keep wishing upon those stars, they may take a while, but one may just come true.  

—Rose Luttenberger

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