Floral Park’s Heart For Fashion


Floral Park Memorial High School students and faculty dressed in beautiful prom-wear fashions when they walked the catwalk at Heart For Fashion 2.

The evening raised more than $12,000 in honor of genetics and was organized by Floral Park Memorial graduate Marilyn Bird with the assistance from Floral Park’s Class of 2015. The funds raised will be divided to benefit the Pediatric Heart Center at Cohen Children’s Medical Center and Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD).  

The two organizations, which were handpicked by Bird, have a special significance to the Floral Park alumni. Bird’s brother William, a senior at Floral Park, was treated at Cohen Children’s Medical Center for Marfan Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that can cause aortic enlargements. Meanwhile, PPMD was selected in honor of Ethan Demmers, the six-year-old son of Floral Park English teacher Dustin Demmers, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

Bird expressed her gratitude to everyone in the community for supporting Heart for Fashion 2, including Principal Dr. Kathleen Sottile and Class of 2015 advisers Amanda Abbott and Maura Lauria.

“Events like this are possible because of the people in the Floral Park community. I’m so thankful to the faculty, staff and students at the school and all of the local businesses who donated to the event,” Bird said.

—Courtesy of Sewanhaka Central High School District

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