Editorial: A Spring In Your Step


With old man winter’s icy clutch on our collective throats seemingly beginning to loosen, all the joys of springtime on Long Island are about to bloom.

Unfortunately, that means the arrival of debilitating allergies for some of us, along with that tell-tale blanket of green air debris covering our cars. Then there’s the fresh generation of an insect army just waiting to bite, sting, terrify and generally annoy all of us.

Among the hated winged assassins of peaceful spring and summer nights are those useless to nature, blood-sucking pests: the mosquito. These creatures serve no other purpose than that of disease spreader and should be eradicated from existence. As for bees—who actually serve a purpose—we say, leave them alone. They don’t care about you, they just want your flower’s sweet, sweet pollen. So don’t swat these buzzing minions, but do your best to avoid them.

Another soon to return annoyance of our warm days and nights is the unfortunately paced game of baseball. While we currently enjoy the breakneck speed of hockey, complete with the Islanders and Rangers battling for first place, baseball is on its way to slow life down and use its powers of boredom to convince you that eating five hot dogs in three hours is somehow a good idea.

As with every season for what seems like the last 20 years, the Mets aim to turn their fortunes around, while the Yankees try desperately not to spoil their proud legacy. It’s as predictable as the seasons—or as predictable as the game of baseball itself.

So this coming season, as you’re sweating through your sheets during the humid nights cursing the incessant cacophony of a million clamoring insects, smile as you recall the silence of winter’s blank slate. 

— Steve Mosco

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