Science Storytellers Engage Floral Park Students


Students of P.S. 191 in Floral Park were the audience for an interactive show that combined a blend of science and storytelling on Friday, March 13 in the school’s gymnasium.

Sciencetellers teach science to their audience by telling a tale and intertwining it with basic science principles. The Floral Park version of the show was entitled “Dragons & Dreams!” and encouraged first, second and third grade students to volunteer in different science experiments for an entertaining and informative journey into the world of science.

The goal of the show is to “make science active and engaging for the kids,” said Justin Maruri, the scienceteller for the day’s events.

“Science doesn’t teach you what to think,” said Maruri to the students before the show. “It teaches you how to think.”  

The show consisted of topics including state changes like evaporation, condensation and sublimation. The scienceteller worked with students to show how  liquid can turn into a gas, how to make bubbles, and what state of matter takes up the most space.

Teachers were also involved as characters in the storytelling aspect between each science experiment to make the event even more engaging.

“It’s nice to see kids so engaged, especially in science,” said third grade teacher, Peter Rosenfield.

The students in the Floral Park school really knew their stuff according to Maruri after the two back-to-back shows.

“They did great,” said Maruri. “We work our shows around how much they know already and how much they can figure out and by that standard they did great.”

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