In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb?


March came in like a lion, but will it be going out like a lamb? If the old proverb is true, last week’s Winter Storm Thor, which dumped more than six inches of snow on Floral Park, might be the last of the snow we will see, bringing winter to a pleasant lamb-like close.

Just hours after the last snow had fallen on Thursday, March 5, Floral Park’s Department of Public Works crew members had the majority of the village arteries cleaned up, salted and ready for the Friday morning commute.

Although the main streets were cleared, the concern about icy sidewalks and potholed streets are still a major concern in the village.

One resident who lives on Locust Avenue called the Dispatch on Monday, March 9, to report her concern about the potholed streets. She says while she has reported some of the damaged areas to the village she doesn’t feel like the roads are being repaired quick enough.

“DPW (Department of Public Works) is out there right now repairing potholes,” said Village Attorney Gerry Bambrick. “It’s temporary, of course, because the roads have to thaw before a permanent repair can be completed.” Bambrick said residents should report potholes to 516-326-6320. Two other reports of excessive potholes were reported to the Dispatch over the weekend.

Check next week’s edition of the Dispatch for more about reporting potholes and the village’s policy about repair.

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