Editorial: Potholes and Solutions


Traveling to work each day is a challenge. With traffic, snow and deteriorating roadways, vehicles are constantly challenged and plagued by the growing number of potholes.

Last summer, efforts by the state and county focused attention on our disintegrating roads. Delays with construction hampered our work commutes, or whatever destination we were trying to reach. But we didn’t mind too much, because after the horrendous winter season we experienced—and the number of tires we replaced and car repairs we paid for as a result of the potholes—the repaving of highways would save us money.

So, when I was recently driving on the Long Island Expressway and exiting at 38 to get onto the parkway, I was amazed that this newly- paved egress was home to a gigantic pothole that almost swallowed my subcompact.

After being forced to purchase new tires and a wheel alignment last winter, I have no tolerance for potholes. I decided to call Nassau County’s Department of Public Works. They were very nice, but transferred me to the highway department (516-571-6900). After supplying the location of the ramp, it was identified as being between a state and county road. I then learned that ramps are handled by the state.

Next, I was given the state number (631-904-3054), and spoke with Michelle, who was knowledgeable about the highways, as well as entrances and exits. I decided to share all of the locations where huge craters have blossomed and attacked my cars. Michelle was technical, so when I identified a location, she also wanted to know the specific coordinates. Not having been trained as an Eagle Scout, I was unprepared to provide the directional bearings. But Michelle was a pro, and worked with me to figure out the correct roadway and direction.

Many thanks, Michelle! As of today, the big hole has been successfully filled.

—Elizabeth Johnson

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