Letter: Hungry and Homeless in a Storm


You have shelter, a home. Your shelves have enough food, including cookies and candy. The electric is still working, so you are warm as a blizzard approaches. A day off from school for kids! A day off from going to work! The problem is you are lucky. You are not homeless. You are not hungry. You are not cold.

On Long Island there are many people without the comforts you enjoy, with or without a storm. They do not have enough money to shop for extra food. Currently, even the pantries run by the Long Island Council of Churches are practically bare. The Nassau County Legislature and Executive Ed Mangano have made them so. They should’ve voted in early autumn to fund them. That’s when Rev. Thomas Goodhue made an appeal for help.

But now you can help. Donate food to your nearest pantry. Or send a check to the Long Island Council of Churches.  Most of all, tell Mangano and your representative to do the right thing and give LICC the funds to keep these pantries running and to stop people from being turned away.

—Elaine Peters

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