Floral Park Cleans Up After Blizzard


Floral Park took on just less than two feet of snow in the season’s first blizzard, not accounting for the snow drifts and near zero temperatures in what is being called “Blizzard Juno” hit on Monday, Jan. 26 and lasted well into the next day.

Although many businesses and schools closed on Tuesday, Jan. 27, that didn’t stop the village crews, business owners and residents from recovering and clearing streets and sidewalks to get businesses and traffic moving as quickly as possible. By late afternoon on Tuesday, most of the roads, including side streets were passable, even while clean up continued.

Some business owners and residents cleared snow a little at a time, from the start of the storm. Others waited until the final flakes had fallen and their streets were passable before stepping out to clear paths from their homes and driveways.

The village appears to be at-the-ready for the season’s remaining weather obstacles.

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