Stewart Manor Fox On The Run


Stewart Manor’s newest resident is a little more furry and four-legged than most that call the quiet village home. An adult male fox has recently been spotted in the area of Dover Parkway and Carlton Terrace.

Last month, village hall received several calls about an unusual wild animal, possibly a coyote or dog, spotted in the neighborhood. Village code enforcement responded the calls and discovered the fox.

“I think that was the best thing I’ve seen in the village since I’ve been here. I couldn’t believe it,” said Fire Chief Tom Skinner, who responded with code enforcement officers to look for the animal.

According to Skinner, while investigating a sighting at 187 Dover Pkwy., the resident located in the yard behind them called over the fence that there was a fox in her yard. The animal was found sitting in the driveway of 188 Carleton Terrace.

Reports say the animal was friendly and appeared to possibly have been domesticated. The fox sat in the driveway for hours after being discovered; only shying away when he was closely approached. Some residents brought their children around to see it. The animal showed no immediate signs of being sick, dying or rabid.

Village officials say the fox is not dangerous to humans and urge residents not to try and harm or catch it in any way.  

“It’s a beautiful animal,” Stewart Manor trustee John Egan added when the fox was briefly discussed at the December board meeting.

Nassau County Animal Control and the Nassau County Police Department both responded to calls after the discovery of the fox but deemed it no threat to the community. Their position is that it’s a wild animal native to Long Island, and should be treated no differently than a squirrel.

The fox was left alone and was spotted on Dover Parkway once again a few days later.

Other residents have reported seeing pheasants along the railroad tracks in the village as well.

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