Editorial: The First Snowflakes


The first snowfall of the season is an amazing sight. It’s magical! The soft, gentle flakes were a surprise to behold after the torrential rains of the previous days. The first snowflakes are exciting to watch. The big flakes have a hypnotizing affect as they lazily meander back and forth, each a marvel of perfection. No two snowflakes are alike, but you can’t tell as they flutter to earth. It’s amazing how the water crystallizes with just enough cold to form intricate patterns, ever so delicate.

When the flakes gather together and start sticking to the grass and other surfaces, they resemble sugar. The snow covers the unattractive and dark with a clean, white blanket, creating the appearance of a world that has been purified. It looks and feels as though the universe is clean, fresh and pure—with hope for new beginnings.

That is the beauty of snow. It is individual and unique, but when banded together, is a force to be admired or reckoned with. It’s the same with people. Each individual is beautiful and unique in their own special way. Unite the people and you create a force to be reckoned with.

The first snow of the season is beautiful, and brings excitement to the holidays. It sparkles bright and covers what is worn and dying, bringing us hope for a new future, which is brighter and full of light. With the coming of Hanukkah this week, we enjoy the festival of lights for eight days and nights. Let’s open our hearts to the light and the beauty this season brings.

—Elizabeth Johnson

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