Letter: Tree Murder


Trees in Nassau County are being cut down on orders from Mangano. The reason is supposedly to repave roads and sidewalks. That method is not necessary as per several certified arborists. There are several other options. Trees are gone alongside Christopher Morley Park/W. John St.-Hicksville/Plainview Rd./South Oyster Bay Road from Bethpage to Jericho Turnpike and the east side of the South Oyster Bay Expressway from Sunrise Northbound. So far it’s probably 600 to 800 trees some 40 to 50 years old and beautiful. The replacement plantings will be trees that will never in our lifetime grow to those heights.

The word for this tree murdering is coming from Mangano’s office. What a legacy he will leave. Please look up the website “STOMP” Save Trees Over More Pavement, for an extensive story on exactly why this is happening. It has to do with money. There are about 4,000 members of STOMP. All trees on a county road could be subject to this murder-even yours. The birds are also bewildered looking for their homes. 

Ronald Billing

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