Small Businessman Finds Big Success


Anthony DePalma has been manager at Covert Avenue’s Raindew Family Center and Pharmacy for 13 years. On Oct. 17, at the 30th Annual Small Businessperson of the Year and Legislative Breakfast at the Crest Hollow Country Club, DePalma got his much deserved recognition when he was awarded small businessperson of the year by the Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce.  

“My initial reaction was ‘wow that’s very nice,’ I didn’t realize that it was going to be such a beautiful extravaganza,” said DePalma on winning the award. “They did it very, very well. They had a breakfast at the Crest Hollow Country Club and everything was done beautifully. It was just done very, very nicely. Very proud.”

Before coming up to Floral Park to work as manager of Raindew, DePalma was a manager up in the Bronx at another store called Dollorama. When business started failing there, DePalma went for an interview with the owner of Raindew and was placed as manager in the Floral Park store.

As manager, DePalma describes his job as overseeing and helping customers while running everything throughout the whole store.

According to DePalma, Raindew is not just like any other family store and pharmacy of its kind. It’s the store’s careful attention to its customers that makes it stand out from others across the area.

“We’re more of a mom and pops store,” said DePalma. “We basically get everything our customers need as long as it’s still being produced and made. We cater to our customer’s needs and everyday lives.”

It seems that the way his store is run is truly a reflection of the man who runs it. Those who work for the manager of Floral Park and Covert Avenue’s go-to variety store can see why, DePalma has earned his title as Small Businessperson of the Year.

“Tony is such a great manager,” said Kristin O’Donnell, a cashier at the store. “He’s always compassionate to employees and customers. I worked with him for four and a half years and I have to say, he made Raindew feel like a second home to me by being a supportive friend, as well as a highly work oriented manager. It always astounded me how he knew almost every customer by name and was always there to lend a helping hand.”

While the award, DePalma took home from in mid October was Small Businessperson of the year, it meant a lot to the man who has devoted his time to Raindew for over a decade.

When asked what his favorite moment has been working at the store over the past 13 years, DePalma said, “I guess being recognized as the salesman of the year. Other then that I always do my job the way I always would do my job. I come to work every day six days a week and help my customers, sell merchandise and do everything for the past 12 years. It was nice to get that recognition and it was a big surprise from the chamber.”

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