Letter: Columbus: Good Fella


Michael Miller wrote a piece in last week’s edition that was viciously anti-Christopher Columbus. It would have made his intelligent and sophisticated cocktail party, too-smart-to-like Columbus types proud. Michael even pointed out in the column that after Columbus landed in the New World, that “millions died.” Now Michael, Columbus made his voyage in 1492. Columbus died in 1506. That’s 14 years to kill millions. I think that would qualify as a holocaust. But I have never heard of the Columbian Holocaust. I would bet that Michael Miller went to public schools his whole life who supported this ridiculous theory that explorers were evil-doers and that we are benefiting from their evil deeds done on the backs on native Americans who are still today victims of our savage European ancestors. Just wanted to let you know that at my daughter’s Catholic school, everybody celebrated Columbus for days leading up to Oct. 12, recognizing his bravery and determination and courage, and nobody pouted or wrung their hands like Mr. Miller seems to when he thinks about Columbus Day.

James J. Di Maio, MD

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