Letter: Haber Out Of Touch With Third Rail Support


For many years our local residents have been united in their opposition to the addition of a third railroad track from Bellerose to Hicksville. The Long Island Railroad continues to have this half billion dollar project on their wish list.

The last time this project reared its ugly head a coalition of 130 local organizations, political and civil leaders opposed it as being unnecessary. We gathered over 10,000 signatures in opposition.

We proved that there was no need for providing more reverse commute capacity from New York City to Nassau and Suffolk since most of these trains are now almost empty.

State Senator Jack Martins was mayor of Mineola the last time we had this battle and helped lead the fight against this unnecessary project which would have an adverse effect on many local businesses during the several year construction phase.

Now from out of nowhere comes Adam Haber, the Democrat candidate to unseat Martins who has come out in favor of the third track. In a recent newspaper interview, when asked, “What would you do if elected?” Haber speaks of ”pushing for the third track on the LIRR main line” saying, “We have to do it.”  Haber lives in North Hempstead, miles from this track.

We doubt if Haber even knows where Floral Park and Bellerose are located. We have never seen him nor have we ever heard that he visited here our area. On Election Day let’s send Adam Haber a message that he is out of touch and out of step with our local residents by reelecting Jack Martins our State Senator.

Bill and Ann Corbett

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