Letter: Sports Musings


Some sports stories amuse me, while some anger me. Following are my musings about some recent sports section articles.

Medford’s own Marcus Stroman currently has a winning record for a Canadian team in the American League. So why didn’t the Mets sign this good young pitcher first?

I was very surprised when Alex Rodriguez’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, expressed such glee over A-Rod’s drug dealer finally facing a possible prison sentence; but then I remembered that Anthony Bosch had forced A-Rod to inject all those steroids at gunpoint.  Or have I misremembered that?

If Sandy Alderson can delusionally predict 90 wins for the Mets, and the Giants’ quarterbacks coach can predict a 70 percent pass completion rate for Eli Manning, then I should be allowed to predict championships for the Jets, Knicks and Islanders — plus a 3rd term for President Barack Obama. (Don’t scoff at that one; since Mayor Bloomberg already managed a third mayoral term for himself even though it too was proscribed by law.)

I’m sure that Joba Chamberlain is especially happy pitching for the Detroit Tigers since they do not constrain him with the Yankees’ Joba Rule no. 4 : “Thou shalt not grow a Fidel Castro beard.”

When Joe Torre’s Hall of Fame induction speech passed the suggested 10-minute time limit, did the Academy Awards orchestra start playing him off for the following 18 minutes?

If David “same-sex marriage will lead to anarchy” Tyree does not work out as the Giants’ new director of player development, maybe they can give Clippers owner Donald Sterling a try at the position; since he has no known prejudice against gays — as long as they’re Caucasian.  

The rewards and “bonus points” the Jets will now be awarding their season ticket-holders sound like the gold stars teachers sometimes give to first graders for good behavior. Does this mean fans will have to raise their hands and be called on before they can cheer? And will they lose points for booing the Jets rather than their opponents?

It would have been ironic, and perhaps more fitting, if the cause of the Giants’ Chris Snee retiring had not been his elbow….but Chris’ knee! (Did you just groan?)

Mariano Rivera Jr. is going back to college for his junior year. If only Carmelo Anthony had gone back to Syracuse University for his own sophomore, junior and senior years, he might have won three more of the championships, which he now claims are so important to his legacy.

The complete score of the Giants’ first preseason game should have been recorded as “Giants 17, Bills 13, Wilson 90 (years of an unparalyzed, concussion-free life).”

Will Geno Smith cancel his subscription to Sports Illustrated, now that they’ve rated (a height-challenged) Johnny Manziel, who hasn’t played a single down in an NFL game, ahead of him — as the 32nd best quarterback in the league?

Aside from the three official finalists for Bud Selig’s MLB commissioner’s position, what odds could I get betting on Pete Rose to win the job?

When Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended fiance-beater Ray Rice for only two games, while proudly announcing that the NFL  “cannot tolerate violence against women,” he proved that he doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “tolerate.”

— Richard Siegelman

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