Letter: Bugged About Bugs


I read your ALB (Asian long-horned beetle) article with interest. [‘Landscape-Altering Pest Creeping North’ on August 29, 2014, Floral Park Dispatch]

Recently two young gentlemen from ALB Cooperative Eradication Program in Amityville knocked on my front door and asked permission to inspect the two trees on my property. I let them; there were no beetles.

My thoughts are that this bug infestation will be difficult to end because if a person sees this beetle and reports it, they probably will think that the tree will be cut down. I’m sure you are aware how people feel about their trees. I’m sorry I didn’t think to ask these guys if that were the case.

— Herbert Ris

Editor’s Note: Thanks so much, Herbert. It would not surprise us if you are correct although we hope our tree-loving homeowners will let sense prevail. Any tree that shows signs of infestation is already a goner. Attempting to fend off the inevitable will only lead to the destruction of the trees around it!

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