Floral Park Scouts Earn High Honors


Girl Scouts of Nassau County recently recognized Megan, Erin and Laura Rostkowski for each earning the Gold Award, the highest and most prestigious award within the Girl Scouts Organization. In order to be eligible for a Gold Award, a Girl Scout must have completed two Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador Journeys or have already received the Silver Award and completed one additional Journey.

“We are so proud of all the Gold Award recipients. Earning the Gold Award is a huge accomplishment and takes a great amount of dedication,” said Donna Ceravolo Executive Director and CEO of the Girl Scouts of Nassau County. “Fewer than 5 percent of all Girl Scouts throughout the nation obtain this award.”

The Gold Award also requires the completion of 80-hours or more of an individual leadership Take Action project that makes a sustainable and measurable impact on an important issue, or need in the community, and that serves to educate and inspire others within the community.

Megan is a freshman at Saint Thomas Aquinas College. Her Girl Scout Gold Award Take Action Project, Find Your Voice, targeted children who are shy and want to build upon their self-confidence. Megan taught classes at her local youth council in Floral Park which allowed children to take part in singing lessons that helped raise their levels of self-esteem. Her project concluded with a confidence-boosting talent show in which students let their voices be heard.

Erin is a freshman at Saint Thomas Aquinas College. Her Girl Scout Gold Award Take Action Project, Kids in Motion, targeted children in grades 1st through 3rd who were lacking confidence and had low self-esteem. Erin set up classes at Floral Park Youth Center to teach students yoga and calisthenics to help them relax and build up their self-esteem. She was also able to educate these young children on how to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Laura is a senior at Floral Park Memorial High School. Her Girl Scout Gold Award Take Action Project, What Do You Know About Computers?, addresses children who are just beginning to learn how to use a computer. Laura’s goal was to have these children use the computer for more educational purposes as opposed to playing tons of video games. She then set up classes and presentations within her community to teach students how to use programs such as Microsoft Office. She accomplished her goal by showing these children that these programs can be used in fun and educational ways.

This award recognizes the Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts for their leadership skills and excellence. It must be completed before or during the Scout’s senior year in high school. To the majority of the girls winning the Gold Award, it is the peak of recognition and achievement.

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