Letter: Support Jack Martins For Senate


It is early, but I think it’s time to start thinking about who we should choose to represent us in the New York State Senate (7th District) election come this Fall.

Our present Senator, Jack Martins, has done an exemplary job helping to improve the conditions in our community. Senator Martins had experience as the Mayor of Mineola when he first went to Albany in 2011 and he made good use of that background.

The two percent cap on property taxes has been a huge benefit for families on Long Island. During the past four years, taxes have not been raised, the MTA tax on small businesses has been eliminated and more funding has come to Long Island for our schools. I receive a weekly email

from Senator Martins updating me on what’s happening in Albany as well as “alert” emails when something occurs that affects our community. When Hurricane Sandy hit

us we had no power, no water, nothing.

I am a governor of my local civic association and we reached out to all our elected officials for help. We sought out our congressman, officials from the Town of North Hempstead, our Assembly representative. Everyone. Only one person returned our calls and helped us connect to LIPA and get our electricity back. That person was Jack Martins.

Senator Martins’ opponent, on the other hand, has no experience as a public servant save for a stint as a member of the Roslyn School Board. As a physician, I always guide my ill patients to top specialists who have experience and integrity.

It’s the same way in government. We need experience, not fanciful promises. I urge all my friends, neighbors (and patients!) to vote to re-elect Senator Jack Martins this November.

Frank Evanov M.D.

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