Floral Park Recreation Notes


Floral Park Recreation Center’s End of the Summer Annual Awards Ceremony was celebrated on a beautiful summer night. After the introduction of members of the dais by Emcee John Michon, sports counselors passed out souvenir bracelets to all campers who participated in the morning and afternoon programs that are offered by the Recreation Department. Mayor Tom Tweedy thanked the staff for their efforts on behalf of the children who enjoyed eight weeks of summer fun at the park. Deputy Mayor Jim Rhatigan, Recreation Trustee Dominick Longobardi and trustees Mary Grace Tomecki and Kevin Fitzgerald and members of the Recreation Committee assisted throughout the evening with the presentation of medals, trophies and plaques.

The first set of medals was presented by Superintendent Kurt Meyfohrt to the girls and boys who were nominated as Campers of the Week for each of the eight weeks of the summer camps. Another set of special awards were given to this past week’s Olympic Day winners. During the ceremony, Superintendent of Recreation Kurt Meyfohrt took delight in presenting Employees of the Summer Awards to Christina Ast and Alex Sindoni.

The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the Campers of the Summer Awards. In keeping with past traditions, winners of the previous year’s award were invited to participate in the ceremony.

Recreation Trustee Dominick Longobardi, with the help of 2013 winner Natalia Gechlik, presented this year’s female Camper of the Summer Award to Tara Tam. Mayor Tweedy, with the assistance of 2013 winner Steven Tursi was delighted to present the male 2013 Camper of the Year to James Goldberg. Major trophy winners included Kate Lo (cheerleading), Amanda Kosak (kickball), Daniel O’Hara, Chris Naronis, Emmett Lally, Vishal Mirchandani (basketball) Sabrina Nagle, Katherine Bardalas (softball), Matt Buonocore, Chris McKie (soccer), Brianna Conboy, Katie Sandford (volleyball), Lauren Dodson, Aly Wildeman (basketball) , Gavin McDonald, Logan Buckley (football), Kiki Ganun, Alison Goldberg (soccer), Chris Blatz, Vishal Mirchandani, Thomas Quinlan (teenie ball), Tara Tam, Cassidy Stone, Matthew Frias, Christopher Fauty, Justin Ionitescu, Liam Hill, Tara Mansfield, Torsten Gliszynski, Greg Alcusky, Angelina Arlotta, Henry Ferachu and Bethany Goodwin (tennis). Following the ceremony, campers, parents and staff enjoyed refreshments.

This past week, more than 100 girls and boys had an exciting time participating in the Sixth Annual Recreation Center Olympic Games. The theme for this year’s games was animals. Prior to the  games, counselors selected their teams and then campers ran relays, played basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, soccer and a football throw.

In the junior division, after six rounds, the Cheetahs had an overwhelming lead. With fine coaching by counselors Christina Ast and Alex Sindoni team Cheetahs let out excited screams when they won the gold medal. Team members were Mia Savignano, Anna Segota, Fiona Smith, William McGovern, Matt Magyar, Chris Naronis, Tim McElliogott, Greg Alcusky, Gavin McDonald, Grace Locasto, Caitlin Ganun, Brian Rettinger, Chris Blatz and Connor Ring.  

In the senior division, Counselors Aileen Wille and Will Wichart coached the Tiger Sharks to Olympic gold. Team members were Michael Buzzeo, Pawan Mirchandani, Julia Minogue, Jessica Hodgson, Allison Goldberg, Robert Delgiorno, William Streiber and Jake Nelson. The highlight of both junior and senior games was the balloon toss that was created by sports counselor Caitlin Klaum. Team members were in lines and tossed water balloon back and forth until a final winner was established.  

The Floral Park Recreation Center will quickly transition into its fall season. Along with the fields in use by Titan football games and Indian soccer practices, the Recreation Center will be offering adults a wide array of recreational activities during the new season. Session I of the fall indoor season will include tiny tots gymnastics, yoga, cartooning, teen fitness, and gardening for youth.

For adults, aerobics, adult boot camp, yoga, Zumba, and knitting. For seniors, there is the ever popular silver sneakers exercise, gentle movement and knitting.

Registration dates for the Fall I programs are Tuesday, Sept. 9 and Wednesday, Sept. 10, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Applications, program fees and detailed information are available in both the Pool Building and Recreation Center.

For the first time in 20 years, the Floral Park Recreation Department will offer night time volleyball for adults. The volleyball matches will be held Monday through Thursday nights, with game times of 7, 7:45, and 8:30 p.m. Roster forms are available in the Shelterhouse and registration will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 2 and Wednesday, Sept. 3 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Shelterhouse.

On the tennis front, the Jim Krug Fall Classic is set to begin this coming weekend. Players will be notified regarding their first round match ups. Adults will once again be offered a fall series of tennis lessons. Applications, program dates and fees are available in the Shelterhouse. Registration for the tennis lessons is Tuesday, Sept. 9, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Shelter House.   

Detailed information related to all fall Recreation Department’ program can be found on the village website (fpvillage.org). 

— Submitted by John Michon

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