Village Discusses Road Repairs


Village Trustee Mary Grace-Tomecki updated residents on the road repairs at Beverly Avenue at Tuesday night’s Village Board meeting. The reconstruction of Beverly Avenue which is located between Covert Avenue and Orchid Street began this past week. The contractor for the construction is the Roadwork Ahead Incorporation based out of Westbury.

“Approximately 10 years ago, the greater part of Beverly underwent an overlay. However, at the time, it was deemed that the segment between Covert and Orchid was not a good candidate for an overlay,” said Tomecki. “The crown of this portion of Beverly was much higher than the rest of the street, causing substantial ponding and in turn, drainage issues that could not be resolved by simply applying asphalt to the existing road surface.”

The current reconstruction effort on the street will seek to remedy these issues.

The first phase of the project includes the construction of new curbs and gutters on both the south and north sides of Beverly, providing adequate conduits that will move water traveling off of Covert Avenue to nearby sewers and catch basins on Beverly. Several driveway aprons will also be replaced as part of the process.  

In addition, three trees in the area have been marked for removal because their root systems were causing damage to the street’s underlay and to a nearby fire hydrant.

The second phase of the Beverly Avenue project is set to begin on Aug. 18. This will entail the regarding of the road service and the pouring of fresh asphalt. Restriping of the road will be the final piece of the puzzle.

Tomecki said that residents can expect to find intermittent closures of the road during the reconstruction process and the section of Beverly between Covert and Orchid will be closed for at least three to four days to accommodate the pouring and compacting of the new asphalt.  

“The entire project, which will cost the Village of Floral Park $180,000 is expected to take approximately three weeks and should be completed before September 1st,” said Tomecki.

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